A New Way of Doing Montessori Math with Flockmen – Part 2

by | Aug 21, 2020 | Montessori, Early Math | 0 comments

This is a continuation from our last blog post and video on the Montessori math game called The Stamp Game. In our last video we showed how to use Flockmen to build a large number. In this video we show how to add two large numbers together using Flockmen. 

In this example, Flockmen are used to add the numbers 1,233 and 1,112. First, Flockmen are used to build the number 1,233. Then, Flockmen are used to build the number 1,112.

All of the units are counted first. 3+2=5. Next, the tens are counted, then hundreds, and then thousands. When we have 1,233 and we add 1,112 we get 2,345.

There is a pdf on our website under Freebies you can download for the numbers shown in the video. You can purchase the sticker labels from Amazon to print the numbers on.


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